Vacancy Management

JMG is providing the following services for owners who do not occupy or rent their homes.

JMG will do the following:

  1. Complete and file the required forms.
  2. Conduct weekly exterior and interior inspections of the premises.
  3. Provide a monthly report with pictures (as needed) to the owner.
  4. Collect mail from the property, and open, scan and send to owners any mail that is clearly not considered “junk mail”.
  5. Operate all faucets and fixtures on the property to ensure that they function properly on a weekly basis.
  6. Walk the perimeter of the structure to check that windows and doors are locked.
  7. Address any plumbing issues that are discovered.
  8. Respond to emergencies as notified and required by the City.
  9. Review the performance of other services:   pool,  gardener,
  10. Pay for property services from funds in trust.
  11. Monthly financial report
  12. Weekly inspection of ceilings for water leaks

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