Condominium Association Services

What Makes Us Unique

 We have no policy regarding minimum size of Association. If we are able to work together in helping your Board manage the Association, you are important to us regardless of your Association size.

JMG is actively managed by our professional team members who are involved in the day–to-day management of the company. We are easily accessible by e-mail or phone, and you can expect a prompt response from us, either the same or the next day.  This is true regardless of your involvement with the company as a Board member or homeowner.  

The company was built on the important principle of doing the right thing for our clients, day in and day out. It has paid off well for us, and there is no reason to make a change now.

What services does MIG provide

The Association management services provided by MIG are generally divided into three broad categories. Those three areas are accounting, maintenance, and administrative. A brief description of the three is:

Collection of receivables, deposited directly in the Associations bank account on which Board members are the signors, payable processing for all Association vendors with checks reviewed and signed by the Treasurer of your Association for proper accountability. The Board receives full financial statements each month with reconciled bank statements.

The management company coordinates the maintenance needs of the Associations’ common area, as directed by the Board. This can include the coordination of regular monthly maintenance needs (i.e. pool, gardener) to the occasional maintenance or repair needs, to the emergency (urgent) maintenance issues that will arise from time to time.

This component includes advising the Board of the many administrative requirements under California state law, such as disclosure and reporting requirements. Also included is communication with owners regarding violations of the Rules and Regulations, or other issues as needed.

At MIG, we consider the area of Board member education to be an important part of this service.

Without a management company assisting the Board of Directors, it is very easy for the Board to become overwhelmed with the task of serving as a volunteer Board member.

Most Associations retain MIG for all three areas above, however, it is possible to utilize our services for just accounting, or just accounting and administrative services.

References and more information

MIG provides a more complete package of printed material with copies of sample reports as well as reference material on our services. You can receive a copy by emailing us at the link below. If you would like a quote for your Association, we would need some additional information from you.


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